Why Us ?

We are always ready to listen to your needs and to do everything within our power to make your vision a reality.Our team of experts has a vast experience in the field of e-business and telecommunications.

Custom Powered

We build custom designed web applications that are cross device capable.Our development team is well capable of building software solutions that you can only dream of.Our moto is "you tell us"," we build it".

Customer Support

At any given time as per our schedule stipulation,we always have a Customer Support Technician to deal with your query or inquiry.

Our Vision

To be a corporate IT enterprise solutions provider with international standards of excellence.We believe we can provide much need I.T Solutions to the nation of Zimbabwe then Africa. Our phylosophy of business is one that is strategic and systematic.We do not believe in sudden success instead our approach systematic & calculated.

Our current focus is on developing technologies that assist in the management of various sectors of the economy.A.I (Artificial Intelligence ) for the management of traffic lights is an example of projects that are on the cards.We are moving torwards providing solutions for government sectors that are not fully digitalised as well.

What we do

  • Web & Software development
  • Secure Web hosting
  • SMS Marketing ,SMS API integrations into Systems
  • E-mail Marketing tools
  • Information Asset Securing / IT Risk Management
  • Android,iOS,Symbian development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Telecommunication Solutions - [Call center Solutions]
  • Consultancy Services

Our Clients

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